October 17, 2002 at Branford Ct.

The 2002 Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Harbor Management Association was called to order by President Joel Severance at 5:00 P.M. A quorum was present.

The Minutes of the 2001 Annual Meeting were approved unanimously  with no discussion.

Treasure Bob Sammis presented his report; it was moved, seconded and passed unanimously. The bank balance on hand as of 9/30/2002 was $6,221.40 which included payments for the annual banquet.

Ross Byrne was elected to the Board of Directors.

President Severance reported on progress on open issues:

-         Dredging

-         Cross Sound Utility Lines

-         Aquaculture Ė Spring Seminar

The Harbormastersí Report  was given by Mike Griffin.

The report on Associates activity  was given by Geoff Steadman.

President Severance reported on new business:

-         Meeting with DEP, DOT, Legislature

-         Newsletter

-         Website

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 P.M.

Louis P. Allyn, Secretary


The Annual Meeting was followed by the Annual Banquet.

The press release covering the awards and keynote speaker follows.


4 East Liberty Street

Chester, CT 06412

For immediate release

October 17, 2002

The officers and Board of Directors of the Connecticut Harbor Management Association this evening at their annual meeting and banquet presented Senator George L. Gunther N.D., 21st District with an award for his outstanding service to his constituents and the citizens of Connecticut.

The Association noted the Senators long and distinguished service in the fields of education, health and environment through his legislative efforts over more than thirty years. He has been recognized by foreign governments, national organizations and local associations in his never ending pursuit for the quality of life for the Connecticut citizen.

The Association presented the Senator with a plaque and other mementos and particularly noted his most recent quest in preserving Long Island Sound from the abuse of numerous utility crossings that have been built and suggested over the past few years. Through his efforts, the dimension and effect of these crossings have now come to the attention of regulators and citizens alike.

The Associationís banquet also honored Carl Boutilier, the recently retired Manager of Dredging for the US Army Corps of Engineers, Boston. Ma. His contribution to the maintenance of the federal channels in the stateís rivers and harbors has sustained both the commercial and recreational value of these areas for the state.

The keynote speaker for the evening was Captain Joseph J. Coccia, USCG from Group Long island Sound, New Haven, who is responsible for the maritime security of the entire Long Island Sound basin and adjoining waters. His program presented to the more than 100 Harbor Commissioners, Harbor Masters and associated members described in some detail the enormous job of preserving and protecting the facilities and infrastructure that surrounds our waterways.

The Connecticut Harbor Management Association is comprised of the Harbor Commissions and Harbor Masters in the State of Connecticut as well as members of the maritime industry that serve our State. Founded in 1995 it has grown in size and influence since then and has been in the forefront of defining issues ranging from clean water, aquaculture, whaling and dredging. Itís President is Joel Severance of Chester Connecticut.