Board of Directors Meeting January 16, 2004

Connecticut Harbor Management Association

Annual Banquet

October 7, 2004


President Joel Severance

Welcome and Opening Remarks -


- Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

- Harbor of the Year award

- What is going on at the legislature

- What is going on with dredging

- Honor a former member


Attorney General Richard Blumenthal

- Shared commitment to environmental values

- There are win-win solutions to almost every environmental problem

- Dredging is essential to use of the harbors and shore-line recreation


President Joel Severance

1. Introduction of head table, guests, and VIPs in the audience.

2. Mention  of boats on display:

31’ Marine Boatbuilders  PUMP OUT BOAT

23 ‘ Maritime Skiff, Inc.  Harbor Master Boat

3. Some Coastal  facts:

According to a 1990 LI Sound Study $5.5B can be attributed to LI Sound commercial and recreational activities.   The study was updated recently; but the numbers have not been validated its now up to $10B.

This is from: commercial and recreational fisheries, oystering, recreational boating, bird watching, beach goers


4. February we held a workshop to get input from Members re issues of mutual interest and direction for the Board to proceed.


5. Attended a Mystic/Noank Ceremony with the EPA and DEP and local officials designating the area as a NO DISCHARGE ZONE.


6. I would also like to recognize and thank them  for being here tonight – the Tagliatelas of Saybrook Point Marina. Their Marina was the first CT Marina to receive the Clean Marina Award


7. On March first I appeared at the legislature talking for Representative Jamie Spallone’s raised bill expanding the authority of Harbor Management Commissions to consider construction and location of residential docks considering scenic resources and marine resources. A modified version passed, restricting the action to the Lower Connecticut River valley……..for now.  A committee of HMCs has been formed and is working on a Plan Template


8. I would like to ask Geoff to give us an update on dredging here in Connecticut.


Geoff Steadman

Geoff summarized status of dredging in Long Island Sound.


Bob Sammis

Recognition of Dave Dunavan.

Introduction of John Pinto


John Pinto

Presentation of an aerial photograph of Milford Harbor to Sally Dunavan.


Announcement: By a vote of the CHMA Board, Milford Harbor has been selected as our CONNECTICUT HARBOR OF THE YEAR.


President Joel Severance

Remarks about Milford Harbor.

Above and beyond the fact Milford Landing Marina itself is a showcase Marina here in Connecticut and a popular boating destination we are honoring them here tonight for their innovative new mooring system.

The Milford Harbor Management Commission, incidentally the first Harbor Management Commission in the State, designed, proposed to the Town and State and implemented a new mooring plan utilizing helix screw anchors. It comprises of 65 floats secured by helix anchors, replacing the old bow and stern mushroom system.


Introduction of and remarks by Chuck Tomlinson, Milford Harbormaster


Presentation of the CHMA Harbor of the Year Award (a plaque) to Mayor Jim Richetelli and Harbor Commission Chair Ray Swift.


Conclusion and thank you to Bob Sammis for organizing this fine event.

Louis Allyn, Secretary