Board of Directors Meeting March 29, 2005



June 14, 2005


Following a tour of the Mystic River and Harbor President Severance called the meeting to order at 4:15 p.m.

Members present: Joel Severance (Chester), Lou Allyn (Mystic), Ross Byrne (Old Saybrook), Mike Griffin (Norwalk), Bob Sammis (Stratford), Geoff Steadman (Associate), Mary Von Conta (Executive Secretary), John Roberge (Stratford). Guests - David Carreau (Chairman Mystic Harbor Management Commission) and Kevin Blount (Chief, Marine Information Section, First Coast Guard District Office of aids to Navigation).

President Joel Severance opened the meeting. Introductions were made.


I. Aid to Navigation

Kevin Blount reported on an online form at  which replaces Form 2554 for aids to navigation.

- The intent is to make it easier for the Coast Guard to keep track of what is going on.

-When an entry is made the Harbormaster, if registered, for that location is notified.

- Coast Guard approval is granted. (Any necessary state permits must be obtained first.)

- Aids like swim buoys will not be approved without a letter from local law enforcement officials that the permit will be enforced.

- Kevin asked that all Connecticut Harbormasters and Harbor Commissions list the aids in their jurisdictions.


II. A motion to accept the minutes (as modified) of the March 29, 2005 Board meeting was made, seconded and approved unanimously.


III. Treasurer’s Report - Treasure Bob Sammis reported a balance of $6,868 as of 6/14/05. A motion to accept the Report was made, seconded and approved unanimously.


IV. Reports of Committees

A. Dredging Task Force – Geoff Steadman reported on a meeting with various officials to discuss dredging issues. He commented that the recent EPA permit re dredging in Long Island Sound includes a condition that the Army Corps of Engineers prepare a long range management plan to be completed within 8 years or the permit ceases. It is not clear as to what the process will be or where the funding (about $15 million) will come from.

Geoff has talked with the Army Corps of Engineers to sponsor a forum/workshop where coastal management people could discuss how new England states deal with dredging issues. ACOE will convene.


President Severance reported on the excitement of everyone that Connecticut and New York stakeholders have agreed on and the EPA and Governors announced…with our Congressional Delegation the reauthorization of the Central and Western Long Island Sound Disposal Sites.  Plus the fast track processing of the Norwalk permit application. He also reported that the Maritime Committee has already met several times, though their leader has not been selected yet. The CHMA will be invited to their committee meetings.


B.  Legislative Activity

Mike Griffin is to provide Carolyn Underwood, Director of Governor’s Appointment with our recommendations re DEP/DOP responsibility issues.

Permit Notification Committee (Joel Severance, Bob Sammis, Geoff Steadman, Mary Von Conta) will contact legislators with a copy of the proposal. Mary will maintain a list of who to contact, who will make the contact, and results.


C. Boater Registration Fees

Peter Holecz is pursuing information from the DEP.


D. Annual Banquet

The banquet will be October 20, 2005 at the Woodwinds. Charge is $35 per person. The DEP Commissioner will be the keynote speaker. We are open to suggestions for exhibitors. There will not be any Harbor of the Year award this year.






Nothing further to report.



Nothing further.



A Broadwater brochure was circulated. Mike Griffin is the CHMA representative to meetings. It was decided to invite a Broadwater consultant to the Annual Banquet as a guest but not as an exhibitor.



The next meeting will be in Bridgeport in September.



 The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m.

 Respectively Submitted By:  Louis Allyn